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In addition to the practical links, it seemed wise to us to group the different elements by theme such as time difference, currency, telephone area code, ISO codes, etc.

Please note that these lists are neither exhaustive nor static and are continually adapted.

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The insurance

When traveling abroad, you may encounter unforeseen events (accident, stolen luggage, etc.). Taking out insurance and/or assistance can protect you in these circumstances.

The insurance contract allows you to be compensated both in the event of cancellation of your trip and in the event of problems occurring during your trip.

A legal assistance and protection contract allows you to benefit from a service (legal, medical assistance, repatriation).


Maps and routes

Need to find a route without using GPS, need to visualize this route on the map to know where and when a church or a castle will be visible....

Different players help you with their efficient site, sometimes coupled with an application.

ISO codes

Each country, or geographical entity, or province, or department, etc. has been assigned three codes defined in the "ISO 3166 standard" by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO).

These 3 codes are ISO 3166-1 alpha-2: two-letter code used mainly for national Internet domains, ISO 3166-1 alpha-3: three-letter code and ISO 3166-1 numeric: code of three digits which offers the advantage of being able to be used whatever the type of scriptural characters (Latin, Cyrillic, Chinese, etc.)


Currency converters

For traveling to foreign countries, a currency converter is a handy tool to quickly and easily convert one currency to another.

You will thus know the value of your money in relation to the currency of other countries.

Jet lag

A time zone is an area of the earth's surface where the time adopted is identical at all points. Generally, a time zone more or less follows the mean time of the central meridian.

The difference between two time zones is called time difference.


Internet domains

Here we take a look at the list of national Internet domains in the world.

Country domains are all two letters, generally corresponding to the ISO 3166-1 alpha 2 country code standard.

The flags

By their design and their colors, the flags of the countries all have a different symbolism based on the history of this country, generally at the time of its independence.


Telephone codes

The list of international telephone codes, classified by country, allows you to use telephone services to call a subscriber from another country or identify a call coming from a foreign country.

An international dialing code is a telephone prefix used in telephone numbers of countries or regions that are members of the International Telecommunications Union. The code indicates the country where the owner of the number is located


Different sites allow you to predict the weather conditions to expect in the coming days.

Thanks to these sites, it is easier to choose your clothes when packing your luggage.


Having provided you with all this information, we wish you good research.

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