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Cards by country

For each country, we have provided the basic elements such as the capital, the name of the inhabitants, the official language, etc.

Next, we have listed the main means of transport with links to public and private companies.

Then, all the information useful to the traveler such as time difference, currency, telephone area code, ISO codes. A link to the Tourism Office and to the photo gallery is also at your disposal.

A copy of the country's flag is followed by the Wikipedia entry in the 7 Western European languages.

Finally, an interactive map allows you to search for details on different parts of the country.


Practical links

Different airports, transport companies and tourist information centers are linked with their reference website.

These links (more than 7000) allow you to have information in real time and, for example, to avoid having a reservation for a company considered bankrupt.

Miscellaneous information

In addition to the practical links, it seemed wise to us to group the different elements by theme such as time difference, currency, telephone area code, ISO codes, etc.


Photo galleries

If we visited a country, a region, a city or a site, we devoted a report of 20 to 50 photos to it, depending on the length of time our visit lasted and the relevance of the place.

The contact form

A form is available to you for any questions, information, corrections, etc.

It also allows you to modify your logo if it is modified.

The same goes for banner ads.


After having provided you with all this information, we wish you “Good luck!”

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